Men Who Take Baths

Shea Emry

Canada, 2017
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...being with my boys and calling out sexist comments, it takes a lot of courage to do that.

How can women involve men in the feminist movement?

They’re inherently involved. They’re fathers, brothers, and husbands. They’re teaching, rearing children, and coaching. I think it’s important to have the conversation in a way that doesn’t make it feel like all men are bad. We need to work together, as opposed to some conversations that are like, ‘you did wrong so you can’t be involved in this.’ The world of elite sports that I came from was very competitive. I did whatever I could on the football field to make everyone else aware that I was there, I was going to do my job, and I wasn’t to be messed around with. I could use my explicit language on the field, but that needs to stay within the lines of the arena. When you’re in the locker room, you’re a human being. When you’re on social media or talking with reporters, you’re a human being. The father in me is like, you gotta be a good dude. You have to call people on their bullshit. That takes courage and I’m not perfect. What it really comes down to is treating everyone as equals. It’s about the human experience and how we’re all in this together.

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How do you speak to other men in your life about women?

From a conversational standpoint, let’s say in a locker room which I’m still in as a coach, or in the gym, or just being with my boys and calling out sexist comments. It takes a lot of courage to do that, and whether or not you’re reprimanded for standing up for what you feel is right, it comes down to knowing who you are. If you’re staying close to who you are or who you feel like you want to become, other people are going to fall off the wagon and better people will jump on.

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