Men Who Take Baths

Transforming the culture of masculinity—from the bath.

Why Baths?

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Where are all "the good men?" 

Launched in 2017 following #MeToo, the project documents the evolution of masculine psychology and male identity in a changing world. By seeking to connect with one another through intimate conversation, we can heal the divide. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate good hygiene?

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Photo Essay


Highlights from the men of Vancouver.

Meet The Men
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Photo Essay


Highlights from the men of Toronto.

Meet The Men

Pillars of Value

MWTB Equality

Advance Gender Equity

We believe gender equity is the fair treatment of all genders according to their respective needs. Our content and events are designed to encourage compassionate conversation and consider how our unique experiences contribute to an understanding of our shared humanity.   

MWTB Ideas

Heal the Divide

Anchored by comprehensive interviews that highlight men in all their complexities, we examine cultural forces that affect the male identity, including toxic masculinity⁠, feminism, consent, sexuality, violence, and upbringing. When we see a piece of ourselves in another, we are able to love them as we wish to be loved. 

MWTB United

Amass Allies

We facilitate opportunities for empathy. Through our interview series or virtual gatherings, participants and supporters are equipped with resources, access, and confidence to continue making changes in their lives in positive ways.

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