Men Who Take Baths

Our Purpose

Baths speak louder than showers

It's a child-like activity with adult intent. The bath allows men to experience a mindset of joy and playfulness, which allows for openness when discussing identity. The medium through which content is carried—in this case, a bubble bath—plays a vital role in the way it is perceived. Being naked is vulnerability fully expressed. 

Our Formula



Step One


Interviews in a bathtub (+ photography & video)


Step Two


Art show + group dialogue + live interview with an audience member in a bath


Step Three


Publish interviews + video


Step Four


Release audio + bring guests in-studio for further discussion

The Essential Components of Men Who Take Baths

1. Men Who Take Baths is designed to explore, not convince.

The interview component examines the values, beliefs, motivations, and assumptions upon which participants lead their lives through a series of broad questions that become increasingly tailored.

Sometimes why a question is asked is more insightful than the answers given.

2. Men Who Take Baths is a format for "productive discomfort."

Disagreements eliminate miscommunication and highlight opportunities for growth. To us, a safe space is a place where we can address difficult conversations through the power of compassion and productive discomfort. Constructive debates that allow us to pinpoint where work needs to be done, as well as creating moments to celebrate and uplift one another, is our goal. 

By approaching conversations about gender, masculinity, feminism and the future in an unguarded way, we can eliminate judgment, fear, and defensiveness, and instead, get curious about the ways we can better interact with one another, express ourselves as individuals, and examine the ways we want to be.

The intention of Men Who Take Baths is to provide a platform for open-ended and interactive dialogue that goes where it needs to go.

3. Men Who Take Baths is a tool for empathy

Men Who Take Baths seeks to discover the underlying philosophy of the individual—how they think and feel about the world through their experiences. By bearing witness to an intimate exploration of human life, we have the opportunity to consider our own.

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